Tour Moments Matter Big Time

Your tour is one of the most important ways you share your school’s story. You pay close attention to the big moments that make up your tour – From where you welcome your guests to whom you introduce them to and what classrooms you visit to hit your big selling points.

But what about the smaller moments? Small moments along your tour matter big time too.

Here are two examples of smaller moments with the potential to make a big impression.

1. The email confirmation.

Your confirmation email does not have to be boring. Think past the basic date, time and location confirmation. Use this as an opportunity to get your ideal audience excited about the school they are about to visit. This email is a great place for a fun video showcase of the latest event at your school or, better yet, it is also a great place to ask them what they are most excited to see when they come visit. Try a creative multiple choice question on what they want to experience on your campus. A few examples: A story time? A taste of your top chef’s latest lunch creation? The sounds of the school orchestra? A few moments of your top sports team practicing? The choices you offer will not only excite your guests for their visit, they will also help tailor your tour to give them what they want – and more!

2. The thank you gift.

Tour follow ups usually include a beautiful viewbook and impressive school swag to showcase the best of the school. But what about something a little more surprising and values-driven? For example, you can thank your guests for visiting with a book for the prospective student. Not a book about your school, but a piece of literature tailored to what grade level they will be entering. It is a beautiful moment to be thoughtful and share the nature of the curriculum and caliber of the academics.

There are many smaller moments to surprise and delight your prospective families and students along your tour. Think of all the small moments that make up your full tour experience and use them to create a stronger connection to your school’s story.  Tour moments, no matter how small, matter big time!

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