Upcoming #Hashtag Events for School Marketers

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With your content strategy and strong content themes taking shape, it’s time to start layering in outside events you can take advantage of to drive traffic and develop loyal fans to your school’s story.

When you think about the events you can layer into your strategy, think social.

There is little doubt that engaging on social is an effective and beneficial way to share your school’s story. Just last night, Mr. SchneiderB shared the How schools use social media in marketing study, which helps verify the real benefits of social media marketing.


For greater benefits and exposure from social channels, take advantage of the collective enthusiasm and extended reach of relevant #hashtag events.

Relevant #hashtag events can help your school’s story get discovered, humanize your content even further and regularly connect with your ideal audience.

Here are 3 upcoming  #hashtag events to have strategic fun with over the next few weeks:

Sept 9th: #NationalGrandparentsDay

As our friends at InspirED shared in their Daily Jolt a few weeks ago, Grandparents Are Influencers. #Nationalgrandparentsday is a great way to test messages that will resonate and engage with this influential audience.

Simple ideas to layer #nationalgrandparentsday into your content themes:

To celebrate the supportive grandparents of your current student body, invite students to express through a photo how a grandparent inspires their education and pursuit of studies with a designated hashtag.

To engage your powerful alumni community, invite your senior alumni members to share a family photo of them and their grandchildren. Done right, this is a wonderful and genuine way to celebrate your grandparent alumni community and connect with their hearts without asking for anything in return (i.e. #fundraising or #tuition).

Relevant hashtag:  #NationalGrandparentsDay

Sept. 22nd: #BeginningofFall

Simple ideas to layer #beginningoffall into your content themes:

Amplify your fall content strategy with a fall photo contest. Invite your audiences (students, faculty, alumni, touring families) to post photos of your campus as it transforms with the new season with a designated hashtag.

Relevant hashtags: #beginningoffall #newseason #fall #autumn #fallphotos #autumnphotos

Oct 22nd: #NationalColorDay

Simple ideas to layer #nationalcolorday into your content themes:

Take this day to connect with stories of your school’s mission. Launch the day by sharing the meaning behind your school colors with a designated hashtag. Invite your audiences to share how these colors influence your school, how they ignite creativity and influence the sense of belonging and purpose on campus. Post images using color blocking and striking patterns of these meaningful colors that will help your story breakthrough on #nationalcolorday.

Relevant hashtag: #nationalcolorday

As in all social tactics, don’t just jump on any #hashtag bandwagon. Be strategic. Make sure the tactics you choose are relevant to your ideal audience. And keep at it. Social is a space that is great for experimentation and for learning what works.

See you next week,

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