What Bloomberg learned and school marketers need to know about Gen Z

When it comes to stronger stories for schools, we all need to keep a close eye on Gen Z and their needs. We’ve shared insights on Gen Z before. Today we share more.

Bloomberg Businessweek published an interesting article about Gen Z this weekend and their headline stopped us in our tracks:


(They don’t need you)

This gave us pause.

When it comes to stronger schools, it would be fun to debate over who needs who more. However, when it comes to stronger stories, content marketing, and branding, we think this is a healthy perspective to have.


Because if you truly believe you need them more than they need you, you will constantly work harder to share a stronger story that will connect with Gen Z.

Our key takeaways from the article:

NB: As you read these, you must do so with outward optimism. Bloomberg shared these learnings with retail in mind. We believe they also apply to independent schools. Schools that expect to prosper going forward “must first learn how to reach this socially conscious, always connected cohort.”

 #1. Gen Zers don’t know a world without the internet, and they live on social media. They don’t use email much. They also don’t watch ads on television. They do look at them, though, on Instagram and YouTube, where they develop brand loyalties built on recommendations from influencers.

Are you taking advantage of Instagram, YouTube, and influencers to share your school’s story?

#2. One thing that successful Gen Z-focused brands have recognized is this: Don’t fight the iPhone. Gen Zers spend a lot of time on their smartphones. For schools that embrace the opportunity the device presents, the payoff can be huge.

Is your school’s story (especially your website) strong on the smartphone or is it built for the desktop?

#3. Gen Z says experiences should be entertaining.

Are your in-person recruitment experiences entertaining or all business? How can you bring a little Gen Z entertainment to your school tours?

That’s what we took away from Bloomberg this weekend. The full article is in their print piece, but you can catch highlights here


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