What is your favorite social channel?

In preparation for VirCon7, Brendan Schneider asked me (and all the presenters), “What is your favorite social media channel and why?

I answered Brendan’s question from a very personal point of view (you can see my answer here). I think it is also interesting to consider my answer based on my favorite social media channel to recommend to school marketers and why.

My answer from this perspective is not as straight forward. My favorite social media channel to recommend to schools and other clients depends on a unique set of circumstances for each school and client.

Unique circumstances like:

Who is your ideal audience and what is their favorite social channel?

Are you looking to connect with millennial parents? Or is your ideal audience better represented by generation z or the YouTube generation?

What are your story priorities for the academic year?

Do you need to raise awareness that your school exists? Do you need to build stronger relationships with your currently enrolled parent community? Or are you looking for more creative ways to leverage the power of word-of-mouth?

What resources do you have to build your story on social?

Being effective on social takes time and enthusiasm. Looking inward, what resources do you have to really build your story on social? Do you have a member of staff or faculty really committed to and excited about social? Or is it something you need to add to your already very busy to-do list as director and jack-of-all-trades for your school?

Assessing the answers to these more strategic questions is where we always start when recommending a favorite social media channel for schools and clients.

Taking a step back before getting into the weeds of each channel (i.e. Do we really need to be on Facebook? Should we have an Instagram account? What’s the fuss over TikTok and do we need to be on it?) helps us recommend a favorite social media channel for school marketers.

See you next Monday,

P.S. We hope you join us for VirCon7! There is much to learn from the communications experts who will be presenting.

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