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It is important to shift to an outward mindset in order to share a story that connects with your ideal parent. This is exactly what the 3 strategic audience tools will help you do.

Each tool progressively builds on the details of your audience so you can apply practical, effective ideas to your school’s marketing.

  1. The Useful Persona details what your ideal audience cares about
  2. An Outward Journey explores new ways to engage with your audience
  3. And today, we get into the details of The Day in the Life.

Why think about The Day in the Life?

The Day in the Life is a timeline of how your ideal audience consumes content. Not school content –  but real, daily content they can’t live without. From when they wake up to when they rest their heads, we illustrate the most prominent apps, websites and emails they use and love.


So you can give your audience more of what they love.

Questions to ask

Think of your ideal audience. For example, if you want to focus on the millennial executive mom, think about what content she can’t live without. Then ask questions like:

  • What is the first thing she checks on her phone when she wakes up?
  • What apps does she use every day and when does she use them?
  • Where does she shop online for herself and when does she do this?
  • What shows is she watching? When and how does she watch them?

By getting into these details, you will discover what she loves (and truly relies on) across brands like Gmail, Amazon Prime, Headspace, Birchbox, Stitchfix, and The Crown.

Once you identify what she loves daily, look outward to these brands for inspiration.

  • How do they share content?
  • When do they share content?
  • How does their content function so it is easy and engaging for the audience?

This will help you and your marketing teams update how your school’s story functions across your website, emails and every way you share it.

What a Day in the Life looks like

Like the Useful Persona we shared, this example was developed for a University that wanted to better engage with c-level executives for school support.

We illustrated the details of a day in the life of one of their CEO profiles. This daily content timeline informed how we created and developed the content the university wanted to share.

The result: a website with content that connects and a successful email campaign their ideal audience loves.

When you are ready to get into the details of your ideal audience and strengthen your content, we are here to help.

See you next Monday,

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