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We know YouTube has a great influence on your audience. From your prospective millennial parents to your gen-Z student body, video speaks to them. Video entertains. Video informs. For better or worse, these generations have been raised by YouTube and they love video.

If they love video, give them video. And give them real video.

While there is certainly a purpose and a place for beautifully produced short films complete with polished aerial shots of your campus, we know your audiences will connect with authentic stories that feel in the moment. This is what we mean by real.

To give you some inspiration for what we mean, take a look at these two videos from Stanford University and Princeton University.

These videos share real moments and real perspectives. We love them for their authenticity and – bonus – videos like these are not expensive to produce.

What we love about this video: The real moment.

Rather than speaking broadly about the values and culture of Stanford life, it shows us through sharing the powerful moment of move-in day.
What powerful moments can you share with your audiences to ‘show vs. tell’ what it is like to be part of your school’s community?

What we love about this video: The skateboard perspective.

This Princeton Campus Tour is from a very real perspective. It is not overly polished. It is not overly scripted. It is a true millennial sharing his authentic version of the Princeton Campus Tour.
How can you apply the ‘skateboard perspective’ to how you share the iconic details of your campus through video?

We hope these examples spark ideas for how you can leverage the powerful and beloved format of video to share your school’s story.

When you are ready to tackle more video, let’s talk. We are here to help with strategy, storyboarding, editing and production.

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